Matthew Bryar - HKBA Alumni

Coach Yam, I've been seeing a lot on the Premier League and HKBA lately on Instagram, and was really impressed with what it's become. Seeing it grow from the very first day of me and 4 or 5 other guys to what it is now has been incredible. I realized when I got to college that my favorite memories from high school were all the days I spent in the gym building a brotherhood with my teammates. Your program gave me those memories. Hope all is going well with you and your family. All day!

HKBA Testimonials

Lawrence Lee - HKBA Alumni

"I have  been a member of numerous basketball teams as well as participated in many top-level basketball camps. But I have never trained under coaches capable of running a program like those at HKBA. They give every player the individual attention they deserve, regardless of age, physical build or talent. Besides improving my shooting, ball-handling, ability to attack the basket and my overall perimeter game, HKBA has built upon my athleticism, elevated my basketball IQ and taught me how to be a leader."

Jan Quinlan - Parent

"Harry loves playing in Premier league. He is so keen to see the highlights of the games and to see how he went and areas he needs to improve. He really enjoys the game!!"

Lily Hui - Parent

"I am glad  to let you know that my daughter led her school basketball team to the  best outcome by her school in the ISSFHK competition. The credit mostly goes to the wonderful training by HKBA coaches in the last few weeks which helped to bring up Ashley's skills tremendously, and that was recognized by all the parents."

Anton Marsh - HKBA Alumni

"I just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to train with HKBA. Your program really helped to improve my fitness, refine my core skills and overall become a better player. I think HKBA has done a fantastic job with summer camp, and making sure everyone did their best. I feel ready for the UK, and I hope to make more than one team whilst I'm there."

Rodel Inciong - Parent

"First of all, my family would like to commend HKBA for the success of the Premier League and for letting my son to be part of it. It was a very memorable and fun experience for us, as parents, watching and witnessing them play. We are so blessed to know and be a part of the HKBA family."

Simon Harris - Parent

"I’ve enjoyed watching HKBA grow and take shape. I was particularly pleased to see you reaching the stage of being able to offer scholarships. To me that signifies maturity as well as social-centeredness. You are doing  good things for basketball and Hong Kong!"