Admissions Priority

Our admissions priority system is based in order of the following considerations for all our programs:

    1. Current members
    2. Former members that continue to meet entry requirements
    3. New members

Entry Requirements

For  entry into our term programs (i.e. Fall, Winter & Spring), the minimum age requirement is five years old. Student-athletes in our term program shall not be over 18 years old.

For entry into our 1-1 training program, the minimum age requirement is ten years old. Participants in our 1-1 training program are a maximum of 18 years of age.  Participants with any health related issues are required to disclose them and sign a waiver releasing us from any form of liability.

Players are required to have a strong grasp of English, both spoken and understanding.

Players with special needs will be accessed for appropriateness through a trial class. Players that require extensive special needs support will be accessed through a 1-1 trial class and should be understood that they may have difficulty gaining admission.

HKBA reserves the right to disallow entry if the said student-athlete does not satisfy admission requirements, compromises the integrity of HKBA, negatively impacting  other students learning.

Missed Classes

A missed class occurs when a student-athlete cannot attend due to an updated class, school  commitment, injury, sickness, out of town, etc. A make-up class is available and can be booked during any term and holiday camp. No refund will be issued in any case.

Cancelled Class Due To Uncontrollable Weather / Health Hazards

Classes that are canceled due to weather / health hazard (eg virus) can be made up during any term and holiday camp — excluding summer camp. Families should contact HKBA to arrange a make-up class. No refund will be issued in any case.

Weather that Cancels Classes:
T3 and escalating
Black rain

An SMS notice will be sent out to families as early as possible when weather affects classes.

1-1 Private Class Cancellation / No Show

A private class can be canceled without penalty up to two hours before the start of the class. A class that is canceled or a no show under two hours before the start of class will forfeit the entire single class fee. 

Contact our HKBA WhatsApp customer service to notify of a class cancellation at +85266817774.

Waiting List

Potential students who have been placed on the waiting list will be offered entry in the order of HKBA receiving the student-athletes' registration. A spot(s) will be passed on to the next applicant if the offer is declined or expires within a week from the offer. Please assume a place has not been made available if you do not hear back from us.


All term, holiday camp, and summer camp  student-athletes are required to wear the HKBA training shirt and shorts; proper basketball shoes are required. Student-athletes are encouraged to bring their own water bottle.

A basketball of your own is not required to bring to class.


Updated Class Schedule

HKBA utilizes the Hong Kong Government (LCSD) facilities to administer our programs. Theses facilities can become unavailable due to being open to booking by the public, other organizations and reserved for government activities. As a result, changes may occur to the originally scheduled class posted on our programs page (i.e. Terms, Holiday Camps, Summer Camp).

HKBA makes every effort to avoid schedule changes where possible; however, they can occur. In the event of a schedule change, we will provide other class options for the day in mind to ensure our student-athlete’s have an opportunity to receive their basketball class. For any subsequent changes made to the class schedule, we will use our Class Update  Notification System (via email and SMS) to update parents and student-athletes. We also recommend parents and student-athletes to check the Updated Class Schedule page regularly for any changes.


A refund is only issued due to a cancelled program by HKBA. No refunds will be issued due to a missed class by the student-athlete or due to changes noted in the Updated Class Schedule. Unused fees made to HKBA can be credited towards a future program. A missed class can be made up in any future term or holiday camp.


Pro Rata

Term and summer camp programs cannot be pro rata. Holiday camps can be pro rata. 

Early Bird Discount

The 10% early bird discount is only provided for camps when the registration form is processed, and payment is made on or before the specified early bird deadline. 

Multiple Course Registration Discount

The multiple course registration discount  (5%) is provided for a registration of two camps/courses or more. The discount can only be applied when all camps/courses are registered at the same time under the same registration form.

Switching Classes

A class can be switch before and during the term dependent upon availability and suitability. A top-up fee is required for a requested class that is greater in fee than the original class. Credit will be provided for a requested class which is lower in fee than the original class. No refunds will be issued in any case.

Class Size

The promoted class size for all programs is  strictly reinforced. We aim to provide as much contact time for our student-athletes with coaches for a long lasting positive experience. To avoid not being accepted into your requested program, we suggest acting early when registration announcements are made to members and the public. 

Member Priority Registration

Current members are first provided the  opportunity to re-register for upcoming programs before the public. A member registration period is provided followed by an open registration to the public after that. A member who fails to re-register for a requested program during the member registration period forfeits any priority treatment. In this case, a member who is denied acceptance into a requested course will be provided with similar available course options.