We BUILD High Character Student-Athletes.

When you are looking for a basketball program for your student-athlete, we know there are plenty of choices. What you are looking for is a growth experience. Here at HKBA, we achieve this through our uniquely designed "Player Development Pathway." It is important to understand your child's current status and end goal and to develop their maximum potential both on and, off the court. Whether you are grooming a competitive athlete, or just beginning to learn the game -  HKBA is the place to bring out the best in your young athlete.

Development courses are offered in our seasonal terms, holiday camps and, summer camp.

Stage 1: Junior Fundamentals

Stage 2: Ball-Handling & Footwork

Stage 3: Beginner 4: Intermediate 5: Advanced Core

Stage 6: Performance Level

Stage 7: Elite Level


Stage 1: Junior Fundamentals 

HKBA Junior is an exciting and excellent program designed to teach young student-athletes the game of basketball in a safe, fun and exciting environment. The program is tailored to teach the fundamentals of basketball through fun cooperative games aimed at developing skills such as hand-eye coordination, dribbling, passing, shooting, balance, body awareness and motor skills.

Stage 2: Footwork

This program is designed to instill the importance of developing sound footwork in becoming a complete basketball player. Footwork enables players to position themselves on the court to be effective on both offense and defense.

Stage 2 Continued: Ball-Handling

This program is designed to give students the skills needed to handle the basketball comfortably and enhance their confidence in controlling the basketball under pressure. The importance of ball-handling skills cannot be overstated. Regardless of the students’ age or position, ball-handling is paramount in the game of basketball and invaluable in the students’ development as a complete player.


Stage 3: Beginners Core

HKBA’s Core Class Program is our most popular development program that consists of individual skill development and team concept training. The program provides a positive and educational environment with the goal of helping each student-athlete to become skilled in the fundamentals, understanding the meaning of teamwork and sportsmanship, being challenged in a competitive environment, all while having fun playing the game of basketball. 

Stage 4: Boys Intermediate Core
The goal for this stage is for our players to achieve competing in Premier League. Building on the previous stage, players will progress in developing their fundamental skills necessary to compete in controlled scrimmages and official league play.

Stage 4: Girls Intermediate Core 

The goal for this stage is to equip our players with the tools to be successful in a competitive environment - on offense and defense. Whether it be for school competitions or controlled scrimmages, our core program prepares our girls for high-level competition success.


Stage 6: Premier League Participation  

The Premier League program is a platform for high-level student-athletes to compete against one another in an organized team environment. Our aim for the league is to raise our student-athletes playing ability while having lots of fun while maintaining the integrity of a competitive environment. In which, we believe will provide the players with a rewarding basketball and life experience.


Stage 7: Elite Travel Team

The HKBA Elite Travel Team is designed for the very best players of Premier League - serious about developing their game and showcasing their talents on an international level. The mission is to provide a positive and rewarding lifelong experience for student-athletes that are passionate about individual development and team competition.