What is your academy start and end date?

The inaugural season runs from: 

Fall Term: September 8th - December 22nd, 2019.

Winter Term: January 4th - March 29th, 2020.

Spring Term: April 4th - June 28th, 2020.

What is your class fee breakdown and do you offer discounts?

Classes are organized by 1 hour $25/hr classes.

Classes are grouped into terms (fall, winter, spring) which a term fee is required to participate (term fees are based on the amount of classes and duration of each class for the term in mind).

What are your academy hours?


9:30 AM - 10:30 AM: Junior Fun-Damentals

10:30 AM - 11:30 AM: Beginners - Intermediate

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM: Intermediate - Advanced

What days do you offer classes?

We offer classes on Sundays.

Where are your venue locations?

Our venue is located at J. Addison school at 2 Valleywood Dr., Markham Ontario (Highway 7 & Woodbine).

What are your class sizes?

9:30 AM: Junior: 10 players : 2 coaches 

10:30 AM: Beginners - Intermediate: 10 players: 2 coaches

11:30 AM: Intermediate - Advanced: 10 players : 2 coaches


How many coaches are on-site?

2 coaches for most programs.

Do you wear uniforms?

Yes. All our players are required to be prepared with their HKBA uniforms at all times.

What kind of shoes should be worn?

All players are required to wear proper basketball shoes for ankle support and overall safety.

Is a trial class mandatory for new players?

Trial classes are mandatory for new players registering for term courses. Not mandatory for camps. 

What happens on the first day of training?

On the first day of the new season we bring all of our players together for an orientation of what they can expect for the entire term/season. For players joining us after start dates we provide them an orientation of what to expect before practice and include them right away with the rest of the players. 

What happens when I miss a class?

A class missed by any participant is treated as absent from class and no make-up class or refund for the missed class will be issued.

For private lesson our policy is as follows:

- Please provide 24 hour notice should the student require to cancel the lesson. Each package allows one cancellation. 

-  The one missed lesson can be made up at the availability of the coach  at a later date. Please arrange make up date directly with your coach. 

- Further cancellations results in no makeup and the student forfeits the missed lesson fee. 

- Kindly note, the first cancellation under 24 hours notice will forfeit any fees and or makeup class. 


What supplies do I need to bring?

You should bring your HKBA uniform, HKBA basketball, basketball shoes and water. 

Are parents involved with the academy?

Parents are encouraged to support their child at classes. We do ask parents to remain composed and remain on the spectator bleachers during these times. 

Where are your coaches from?

Our coaches are from Toronto, Canada. The coaches we employ are required to have valid coaching qualifications, CPR, and degree/diploma. We prioritize our hiring process with coaches that have high-level playing experience on the NCAA level, university, professional or semi-professional and national experience. 

How can we know if our child is improving?

We encourage parents to contact coaches to receive updates. We ask to be considerate and not overwhelm coaches with frequent update requests. We can provide feedback before and or after class by simply being present without prior notice.


Is there a league we can join?

At this time no. We aim to provide development courses for our players to improve and succeed on their school or club teams.

Can my child join after the start dates?

Yes. It is dependent on available space. 

My child is a beginner to basketball; is that okay?

Yes. It does help if your child has tried at least one other sport before.

What language are classes conducted in?

English is the only language offered. 


What are some notable achievements that HKBA players have achieved?

HKBA players have played NCAA-level basketball, junior national level basketball in Hong Kong and have won championships at the middle school, junior varsity and varsity high school level. 

What is the difference between a school practice and HKBA?

The focus in a school practice is mainly on team strategy. This is due to limited practice time and a short few months in a typical school season. HKBA focuses mainly on player development with strong elements of team strategy. We run our activities year round which provides players with the opportunity to prepare for their school season, maintain skills during the school season, and improve steadily thereafter. This makes us a popular choice among school coaches who trust in our ability to help their players. 

Besides in basketball, what else can my child improve in?

HKBA players improve in their overall health and fitness, working well with others, developing self-motivated skills, the ability to be successful in a competitive environment, responding positively to criticism and so much more!

Are players and coaches protected by accidents?

At HKBA, we take the necessary precautions to protect all our players and coaching staff from injuries. However, accidents can happen. For peace of mind, we provide accident insurance for our players and coaching staff.

What is your policy for classes cancelled due to uncontrollable weather / health hazard?

Classes that are canceled due to uncontrollable weather / health hazard (eg virus)  will not be provided a refund  in any case.  

Weather that Cancels Classes: 

Heavy snow / black ice
Heavy rain / flooding  

An email notice will be sent out to families as early as possible when weather affects classes.