HKBA Elite Travel Team

2018 Asia Pacific Youth Basketball Cup Champions!

The HKBA Elite Travel Team is designed for the very best players of Premier League - serious about developing their game and showcasing their talents on an international level. The mission is to provide a positive and rewarding lifelong experience for student-athletes that are passionate about individual development and team competition. Our passionate coaches will develop the student’s skills needed to compete and succeed at the next level while also providing a team-first system for players to develop in. Players must be willing to commit themselves to an increased level of participation regarding practices and tournament travel. 

The Elite Travel Teams participates in the best tournaments across Asia representing HKBA. Becoming a team member is based firstly on student-athletes participation in Premier League, given an invitation to tryout and, finally selected through tryouts by the HKBA coaching staff. The Elite Team program is proudly funded by The Hong Kong Basketball Academy. The Elite Team Program is offered during our Fall term. 

This program is currently for boys U18 & U15.

2018 Asia Pacific Youth Cup CHAMPIONS


The HKBA U18 Elite boys claimed all-Asia champions in the 2018 Asia Pacific Youth Basketball Cup held in Singapore. Besting out sixteen teams from all across Asia; including powerhouses from China and the Philippines in the finals 66-56. Congratulations to the hardworking boys and diligent HKBA coaching staff for bringing home to Hong Kong and HKBA the honor of being the best U18 boys team in all of Asia. We are all so very proud of the team achievement - GO HKBA!



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1. Samuel Chan

2. Anson Lam

3. Liam Barney

4. Jerwin Alconaba

5. Josh Dawang

6. Eric Schaefer

7. Turner Jackson

8. Ty Baxter

9. Jayden Samarasekera 


1. Melvin Yeung

2. Slayter De Silva

3. Josh Daydora

4. Simranjeet

5. Jed Baxter

6. Alexander Tan

7. Matthew Lorenzo

8. Ben Cherry

9. Sean Inciong

10. Zachary Parades