About Us

Building High Character Student-Athletes Through Basketball.

"Our vision is to develop high character student-athletes with a real sense of sportsmanship, respecting the game of basketball, promoting positivity and being passionate about life and learning."  

Established in 2011, The Hong Kong Basketball Academy is one of the largest youth basketball organizations in the Hong Kong. Founded by Jason Yam, former Hong Kong National team player and International School physical education teacher, we pride ourselves in our approach to teaching the game.  

Our players learn sportsmanship and teamwork first, all while we teach the fundamentals to beginners and elevate advanced athletes in the game of basketball. More importantly, both players and coaches having a positive life experience.   

"Parents, I welcome you to discover for yourself what makes our programs unique and the reason we are Hong Kong's longest running academy for basketball. To all the players in Hong Kong, see with your own eyes on how we can make YOU a better basketball player. Together, we can do great things, on and off the court.  I sincerely look forward to welcoming you into the HKBA family."

- Jason Yam

Director | Founder



What is your academy start and end date?

The first day of our 2017-18 season begins on August 14th, 2017 and ends August 11th, 2018. 

What is your class fee breakdown?

Classes are organized by 45 minute, 1 , 1.5 and 2 hour classes. Class fees are based on $250/hour.

What are your academy hours?

On the weekdays our group programs run from 4:00PM to 8:00PM. On the weekends our programs run from 9:00AM to 4:00PM. Our 1-on-1 programs runs upon a flexible schedule seven days a week.

What days do you offer classes?

We offer classes from Monday to Sunday. 

Where are you venue locations?

Our venues are located in the south side of  Hong Kong Island (Stanley Market), Wong Chuk Hung (Aberdeen), Sai Ying Pun, Central.

What are your class sizes?

Classes range from 1 to 16 players. 


How many coaches are on-site?

We deploy 2 coaches for most courses.

Do you wear uniforms?

Yes. All our players are required to be prepared with their uniforms at all times. This includes shirt and shorts.

What kind of shoes should be worn?

All players are required to wear proper basketball shoes for ankle support and overall safety.

Where can I buy shoes?

Try Pacific Place in Admiralty, Times Square in Causeway Bay, shoe district in Mong Kok and online shops—Eastbay.com.

Is a trial class mandatory for new players?

Trial classes are mandatory for new players registering for term courses. Not mandatory for camps. 

What happens on the first day of training?

On the first day of the new season we bring all of our players together for an orientation of what they can expect for the entire term/season. For players joining us after start dates we provide them an orientation of what to expect before practice and include them right away with the rest  of the players. 


How do you select my coach for 1-to-1 lessons?

The coach that works with you is dependent on the area(s) you wish to develop. When the development area changes we can assign you a different coach that has expertise in the area. Coaches are also deployed dependent on availability. 

What supplies do I need to bring?

You should bring your HKBA uniform, basketball shoes and water. There is no need to bring your own basketball.

What is the difference between the "program schedules" and "updated" class schedule?

A HKBA utilizes the Hong Kong Government (LCSD) facilities to administer our programs. Theses facilities can become unavailable due to being open to the public, other organizations and reserved for government activities. As a result, changes may occur to the originally scheduled class posted on our programs page (i.e. Fall Term, Holiday Camps, Summer Camp, etc.).

HKBA makes every effort to avoid schedule changes where possible; however, they can occur and may have an impact on student-athletes regular scheduled classes. In the event of a schedule change, we will provide other class options for the day in mind to ensure our student-athlete’s have an opportunity to receive their basketball class. For any subsequent changes made to the class schedule, we will use our Class Update Notification System to update parents and student-athletes. We recommend parents and student-athletes to check the HKBA schedule regularly for any changes.

Are parents involved with the academy?

Parents are encouraged to support their child at practice and during any competitions. We do ask parents to remain composed during these times. 

Where are your coaches from?

Our coaches are from the United States, Canada and Hong Kong. The coaches we employ are required to have valid coaching qualifications. We prioritize our hiring process with coaches that have high-level playing experience on the NCAA level, university, professional or semi-professional and national experience. 

How can we know if our child is improving?

We encourage parents to contact coaches to receive updates. We ask to be considerate and not overwhelm coaches with frequent update requests. We can provide feedback before and or after practice by simply being present without prior notice.


Is there a league we can join?

Yes. We offer Premier Basketball League. Which is a high-level organized league that players are selected through a tryout can join. This is available for 12U, 14U, 16U years old boys intermediate to advanced. 

Can my child join after the start dates?

Yes. It is dependent on available space. 

My child is a beginner to basketball; is that okay?

Yes. It does help if your child has tried at least one other sport before.

What happens if my child arrives late to the group program and needs to catch up?

If parents and players feel the need to catch up with the rest of the group, 1-1 classes can be arranged at an additional cost. 

How will you help my child with the transition from being new to Hong Kong and HKBA?

Our coaches have a lot of personality and charisma and they are great at making your child feel right at home. Our existing players are considerate with new players since they were once in the same position. 

What language are classes conducted in?

English is the only language offered. 


What schools do HKBA players usually attend?

Players are all from international schools across Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories.

What universities and colleges do the majority of HKBA players attend?

Our players are considered student-athletes and we support the academic endeavors set by families. Players attend world-class universities and colleges in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Hong Kong. 

What are some notable achievements that HKBA players have achieved?

HKBA players have played NCAA-level basketball, junior national level basketball in Hong Kong and have won championships at the middle school, junior varsity and varsity high school level. 

What is the difference between a school practice and HKBA?

The focus in a school practice is mainly on team strategy. This is due to limited practice time and a short few months in a typical school season. HKBA focuses mainly on player development with strong elements of team strategy. We run our activities year round which provides players with the opportunity to prepare for their school  season, maintain skills during the school season, and improve steadily thereafter. This makes us a popular choice among school coaches who trust in our ability to help their players. 

Besides in basketball, what else can my child improve in?

HKBA players improve in their overall health and fitness, working well with others, developing self-motivated skills, the ability to be successful in a competitive environment, responding positively to criticism and so much more!


HKBA-Premier FAQ

How are players chosen for the teams?

Players are chosen through a tryout process lead by HKBA.

Where is the tryout location and what time is the tryouts?

Tryout location and time will be announced 10 days in advance of the tryout date.

Is there a fee to tryout?

No tryout fee is required.

Do I have to be a part of HKBA to tryout?


Do I have to pre sign-up to tryout?

Yes. All players trying out are required to submit a tryout registration form in advance.

How will I know if I have made a team?

You will be notified after the tryout period in person and by email.

HKBA-Premier FAQ

Will there be another opportunity to tryout if I don't make it?

Yes. We host tryouts for future seasons.

When does the league begin and end?

The Fall season begins in August and ends in November. The Spring season begins in January and ends in May.

How many games are in a season?

A season includes 10 games each (including 2 playoff games).

Do all teams make the playoffs?

No. The regular season 5th place team do not take part in the playoffs.

What days are the games played?

Friday evenings.

What times are the games played?

12U game times begin at 5:00pm
14U game times begin at 6:40pm
16U game times begin at 8:20pm

HKBA-Premier FAQ

Who will we play against?

Games will be against other Premier League teams. This applies to all divisions. 

How many players are on a team?

Eight to ten players make up each team.

What are the practice requirements in order to play?

One mandatory practice held on a weekday.

Practices are conducted by HKBA and require an additional fee. 

What is the game format like?

14U/16U games are two twenty minute halves - run time.
Last two minutes of the second half is stop time.

12U games are two 15 minute halves - run time.

Last two minutes of the second half is stop time.

Who will coach the teams?

Each team will be lead by a Hong Kong Basketball Academy coach.

Will there be referees?

Yes. Premier League will deploy two professional referees for each game.

HKBA-Premier FAQ

Will stats be taken?

Yes. Stats will be recorded and posted on the league homepage.

Are there fees required to participate?

Yes. League fees covers referees, court bookings, statisticians, photos, highlight videos, and medals. 

When are league fees due?

Player league fee is due upon receiving our email confirmation after being selected for a team.

Is there a uniform fee?

Yes. The uniform fee is due upon receiving our email confirmation after being selected for a team. 

Uniforms are customized for a player's surname and number.